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Grubby Gardens is run by garden designer Nicky English, a brit living and working in the Stockholm area.

 My approach to garden design is to try to create a piece of life, to capture the essence of what the garden’s person(s) really like and want, and to help them to make their garden memories. I also believe it is important for us to be able to experience nature first-hand, really close-up. So I aim to create a buzzing, twittering, rustling garden for parties or silent meditation, for picking berries or sniffing flowers and for being busy or doing nothing. In other words, a garden you want to be in.  

As part of this, I feel very strongly about working to enhance biodiversity in every garden I work with. And I also have a special interest in edible perennials – so if you would like to harvest the occasional leaf or flower without the work of a traditional kitchen garden, that might be something for you!    

Garden design and coaching.

All garden design projects start with a consultation on site which takes approximately 2 hours and costs 2 995 kr including VAT. After that I create a tailor-made garden design package to suit your specific needs.

Alternatively you could choose more of a coaching approach, where I support you and give you the confidence to design and create your garden yourself.  And you are of course very welcome to order any of the garden drawings normally included in a garden design project. 

I am based in Vaxholm but work all over Stockholm and in the closer parts of Uppsala.

If you need help to plan your garden please get in touch and I can tell you more. 

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Best wishes 

Nicky English
Certified Garden Designer 

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